Hilariousness – Chapter One


Being a parent is a wild new adventure. Sometimes it can be rough, challenging and exhausting. You spent 9 months creating the little sucker and than for the next 18 years you have to try and keep them alive!

Through all the things you hear about parenting there has to be something appealing about the experience. Well let me tell you; it can be all its cracked up to be.

Like think about it. If parenting was SO bad, why would people still be having kids? Other than religious obligations or not believing in birth control, why would people be willingly open to having kids?

Because we’re insane? Perhaps. Or maybe just sane enough.

I was reading another blog written by a fellow mother and of course it was all about the “TRUTH” about child birth. One of the things she pointed out was that child birth was NOT a miracle. She used the words horrifying and painful and that the whole thing wasn’t this wonderful, sent from the heavens above miracle at all. In my head I thought to myself “girl do you even understand the concept of a miracle?” Yeah it ain’t pretty but our bodies were designed for that. We got to create a living, breathing, human and with NO effort on our part (well till the end). It formed for 9 months by itself only having been attached by, what I can only imagine to be a garden hose. I think I’d be screwed if I had to put Ezra together like an IKEA table. He’d end up having his arm where his ear was, a nose for a foot and most certainly I’d end up misplacing an eye.

From the beginning people love to psych us out. Warning us about the lack of sleep, the possibility of colic, the terrible twos and than teenagers. Of course in my head I thought “you know I work with teenagers, because I like teenagers…”. We actually have a good laugh about it now and enjoy telling people our baby slept from week 3 all throughout the night. I mean he isn’t perfect and has had some sleepless nights, but I feel well rested. I do take it as a blessing for sure! But for those who enjoy  freaking out new parents, it puts a smile on my face when I disappoint them.

Sorry folks, but my kid is awesome!

And that’s the point of this. How I found out that having kids was awesome. Parents for some reason love to share the negative. I know for some they need to share for an outlet which I get. But it’s unfortunate that, that’s all society looks at now a days. NEGATIVE. Negative Nancy. Poor Nancy. We named Will’s GPS on his phone Nancy. She always gets us lost. Thanks GOOGLE!

Even for parents who struggle and I know have struggled, their kids are still awesome and they are still awesome parents.

So here’s to the Hilariousness that is parenting. Because sometimes it hurts and sometimes it’s funny as heck!


I think it was a couple weeks into being new parents, and we were tired from Ezra crying longer than normal, for no apparent reason. It was about 1 in the morning. Obviously past everyones bedtime, but I wanted to watch Thor. I went to the bathroom and Will was on onesie duty. He put Ezra in the cutest onesie and put him on our bed while he got his bassinet ready.

As I came into the room to feed Ezra I picked him up and noticed the whole back end of him was wet. I held him up and looked at him. His bottom end was soaked right through all up his back. I looked at our bed. There was this HUGE YELLOW WET stain on our WHITE duvet.

I remember shrieking about it how it got there. We were so confused. At this point we were diaper masters! I even blamed Skyler (our dog) for peeing on our bed and than running away. It was the only reasonable explanation. I went to go put Ezra into a new onesie and as I zipped the zipper down, down, down, down… I saw his willy.

HE WASN’T WEARING A DIAPER. Will took his old diaper off, threw it out and just put a onesie on him forgetting to replace the old diaper with a new one.

I looked at Will. Will looked at me and in the middle of being tired and confused we just laughed.


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