Ezra’s Story

It’s been a while since I last posted on the blog. One of the biggest reasons is bringing my son into world. Making a human being is a lot of work.

A lot of people have been asking me about his birth story so I thought I would share it here on the blog and at the same time post some very adorable photos of him.

{There is a good amount of detail about child birth put into this piece. If you don’t wish know I suggest you not continue to read xox }

– – – – – –


It was Wednesday July 27th 1:30 pm at my last OB appointment and my due date. Since my little guy hadn’t shown up yet my doctor told me I would have to be induced the following week.

{Once 40 weeks hit they will induce you before you are 7-10 days overdue because the placenta becomes old and stops functioning the way its suppose to, so you are at greater risk of having a still birth if they wait too long.}

She booked me for an ultrasound on the Friday and to be induced for the following Wednesday.

When Friday came Will and I went for our ultrasound for 1:30 in the afternoon at North York General Hospital. We were so excited to get to see this little munchkin on the screen. We had been anxiously awaiting his arrival.

We walked into the ultrasound room. The doctor was super friendly and loved to joke around. He clicked his computer, enlarged images, asked questions about our lives but didn’t talk about what he was seeing until after about a half hour of looking around. He finally finished and began to tell us the extent of what he saw.

To start with, he told us the fluid in the uterus was very minimal and the baby couldn’t move around anymore. There was no longer any cushion for him in case he leaned on the umbilical cord. That would cause him to squish it and his heart rate would drop. Secondly the placenta had become old and he noticed that it wasn’t functioning any longer the way it should. So with a big grin on his face he told us we were going to have a baby that weekend!

Will and I looked at each other in excitement. This was finally happening, we were going to meet our son!

The doctor brought us over to triage in the maternity ward for the baby to do a stress test. It would take about an hour (at this point we had been at NYGH for an hour). A nurse came in and hooked up my tummy to a monitor and had me lay down. Will and I sat there for an hour and bit waiting of the results (ps Netflix and Pokemon GO are amazing when you need to run out the clock… also no judgement on the Pokemon Go).

After the test was up, the Paediatric Surgeon who was on call for the night came in and told us they were going to give me some medicine to get labour started. The baby’s heart rate looked good but they wanted to begin the labour process since it wasn’t happening on its own. After they gave me the induction it was a two hour wait so he could be monitored. If things looked good I would be sent home. I had been at the hospital for two hours already at this point.

Time felt like it was standing still.

Two hours had gone by but no one was coming in to let us go home.

Three hours started to creep up so I had Will go out and see what was going on. The nurse told us his heart rate at some points would drop a bit and they wanted to continue to watch him for a little longer just to make sure he was ok.

About a half hour later the nurse came back and finally told us we could go home. She told us the labour would start  12-24 hours later but would like to see us at 7am the next day. We had been at the hospital for a total of five and a half hours that day, so we booked it out of there to go home and catch some sleep.


We chilled for a bit at home, got a meal into us, watched a movie and by 10:00 pm we were in bed. As I started to get ready for bed it hit me like a brick wall. The contractions began.

For most women contractions are a gradual ramp up. They start out as cramps and begin to intensify as the hours move along. Unfortunately I did not have that luxury.

My contractions started out intense and kept going up from there. Something else I noticed (which didn’t feel right to me), was that I didn’t have a lot of time to rest in-between each one. Now I was new to this and wasn’t sure how to fully clock a contraction properly but something just didn’t feel right. I barely had 10 seconds till the next one appeared. I would have three or four in a row before I would finally get a thirty second break.

I had Will call the hospital to check to see whether or not this was normal because of the induction. Apparently it was but because I wasn’t having more than five contractions within an hour I should stay home and wait it out (I thought the clump of contractions was one big one but after the fact I realized it was a bunch of them cluttered together). He forgot to mention the extreme pain I was in. All the technics I had learned in prenatal weren’t working even though Will was coaching me through everything, the pain was too great. I just had to wait each one out and try my best to breath.

By 1:30 am I told Will I had had enough and we needed to go. Something didn’t feel right and the contractions felt like they were too close together. So we packed up the car with our bags and baby essentials and went to the hospital.

We got back to triage, and of course the nurse (who we talked on the phone with), wanted to first monitor his heart rate to see how things were going. Finally someone trained in medicine got to witness the amount of pain I was in and how often the pain was happening. She couldn’t believe how hard the contractions were and quickly grabbed an IV and started fluids. They tried to slow my contractions down, but they only got worse. When they checked to see how far along I was because of the intensity of the contractions, I was only 2cm dilated. Not even ten minutes later the Paediatric Surgeon came and told me I was in need of an emergency C-section. I had what was called cluster contractions (contractions that are close together with no recovery period) and with each contraction my babies heart rate would drop and because there wasn’t room to recover for me, the baby couldn’t recover either. By this point I was totally out of it, I just nodded along but wasn’t really all there.

They walked me to an OR were they prepped me, gave me glorious drugs and brought my son into the world just twenty minutes later. After he was born the doctor informed me that he had had his first bowel before he was born. If you aren’t sure the meaning of that, its extremely dangerous for a fetus to have a bowel movement in the uterus because its toxic and can cause a lot of birth defects if not caught early. It only gave me more of a piece to know that the surgeon had made the right call.

It all happened so fast. From 10:30 pm Friday night to 3:30 am that Saturday. Only a 5 hour labour and delivery.

My son Ezra Alexander Natividad was born 7lbs 9oz, 21 inches long, at 3:39 am Saturday morning on July 30th.

Ezra Alexander Natividad (meaning: The Great Help)

He was born healthy and there were no complications.

My circumstances where extreme. They could have potentially been devastating and it was not how I wanted it to turn out at all (I was really looking forward to using that jacuzzi tub), but child birth is incredible. Even though the pain was excruciating, it was manageable. My C-section wasn’t even that scary. The group of doctors and surgeons I had were informative and super friendly and kept me calm the whole time. We even laughed and made jokes. For a scary experience it was made the best of.

We are absolutely in love with this little man. Even though I’m not ready anytime soon to have another one, I did realize how extraordinary the whole process was. We got to create this little being and bring him into the world.

No amount of pain will ever make me regret that.



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