A Letter To My Son.


Hey Little Dude,

I know we haven’t met quite yet, but there are a few things I wanted you to know before the big day.

I want you to know how much your Dad and I love each other. You were made out of love and a commitment to be the best parents we could be for you. We chose to bring you into the world to see all the amazing things you will do. As parents, we will try our best to help guide you along the way.

Life isn’t always the easiest, but just know your Dad and I will always be here for you. In your bad times and your good.

You aren’t always going to make decisions we like but we will always love you.

As your parents we realize we aren’t perfect either, so be patient with us as we try to learn about you and how to be parents. I promise we’ll try to do the same with you.

We are getting closer and closer to your due date. Only 3 months left till we get to see you. I feel like I already know so much about you and your personality. All the kicks you’ve made to remind me you’re still there and all the hiccups you’ve had that make me laugh. I have seen how stubborn you are. Remember that one time the nice ultrasound lady was trying to get a photo for mom and dad to see your face and you wouldn’t give it up? Yeah that was hilarious. Just remember, you get it from your mom.

I can’t help but begin to plan your future for you (out of excitement). I want you to experience all the things I got to as a kid. I want to be there when you get your first pair of skates, your first soccer ball, the first time you go snowboarding, the first time we take you out on Grandpas boat, the first fish you catch, your first kindergarten wife and your real one. I want to make sure every scrape and every bonked head are taken care of. That every bit of advice we give you is because we’ve been there and done that, and we aren’t trying to make life difficult.

I know you have to make mistakes and learn from them. I respect that. But never be afraid to ask for help, or forgiveness. I know you’re a guy, easier said than done.

I want to teach you how to respect women, even though today a lot of women want to be independent, I still want you to learn how to be a gentlemen. Your Dad has always been one for your mom and thats why I love him so much. He respects me as a women and as an independent human. Learning this will show you who your friends are and who they aren’t. Who is worth being in a relationship with and who isn’t.

In the times that me and your Dad can’t be there, just know that God always is. People can and will sometimes let you down, but God never will. As I look back on all that I have been through and what I have come out of, I know that to be a fact. He’s got you. Even in times where you feel like He might not be listening, He is. In times where you aren’t sure where your life is going, He knows. When you don’t know if you can make it through one more day, He knows you can because He is right there with you and He knows your future.

With all this said, the biggest thing I want you to know is that you are loved. By your dad, by me, by all your grandparents, aunts and uncles, our closest friends and by all our church family. Oh and our dog. You’ve probably heard him before. The loud barking one. I know you two are going to be the best of friends.

You have 3 months left to grow nice and strong. I’ll try to keep you safe as best I can.

I have just one little thing I need to ask of you, try to not make it hurt as bad I think it’s going to.

Love you boy.


Your Mom



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