This Is Our Song.

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My husband and I got married at the ripe old age of 23.

We meet back in Bible college through a mutual friend.

It was not exactly what you would call love at first sight.

I had seen him around before at other events, where he would make his presence known, by either annoying me or seeming snotty towards me.

It was a cold night in mid January and our mutual friends decided to have a party, at his place (apparently it was the cool place to be). I tried to avoid him all night, as best as I could. But I didn’t know too many people at that time (since I was new to the school), and he thought he would just make him self at home sitting next to me. We talked awkwardly for a little, mostly him asking me questions.

AND THAN! He asked me to play chess. Not to rub dirt in the wound but he beat me… twice. It was weird. After that night we basically became in separable. Just as friends at this point but best friends. We would watch movies all the time, go out for coffee, late night McDonalds runs and text all the time.

PS. ladies, if you ever want to have a secret excuse for cuddling with a guy: watch a scary movie. Its works every time. Plus guys love to see us freak out.

One evening we were both attending a friends birthday. We flirted a bit here and there, but than he left!

I realized I was disappointed that he left the party so soon (he had to leave to see some of his other friends back home). I sort of MISSED him.

I went home that night thinking about him and how good looking he was.

WAIT HOLD UP. He was my friend right… so why was I thinking about him as good looking? Probably because I was falling for him and his asian charm.

We were hanging out at his house one night after watching a movie (you know which kind), and he made the comment, “Well I guess its pretty obvious that I like you.” Me of course being totally clueless thought to myself, “HOLY CRAP! He actually likes me!” But out loud I was like “Oh yeah I knew that. Same” (I’m cool like that).

AND THAN, he came out with this: “I want this to be about getting married. I’m not in it for anything else. If we’re going to do this its because we can see ourselves being married to one another.” I was actually quite shocked at how much we thought alike. I just knew that at that point I had found the man I was going to marry. I couldn’t help but smile, and I said yes.


No no no, we didn’t get engaged right there and then. We dated for a total of eleven months before he finally popped the question.

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Niagara Falls December 31st, 2012. The night I said “YES”.

In our heads we were thinking whats the point waiting five or ten years to be with each other forever. I mean why wouldn’t you want to just be with the person you love, forever and make that commitment to one another. Why not do that journey with someone?  If you are with the person you want to be with for the rest of your life why wait ten years?

I’ve had people say to me “Well don’t you want to know how it is living together first before you make that commitment? I mean what if you get married and you fight or you get to know him more and you find out he’s a slob?” Well lets be honest here, it’s not like we wouldn’t have the rest of our lives to figure it out and work on it together.

Yeah theres lots of things I’m still learning about him; he has a bad memory, he has a hard time communicating, he likes his shirts to be hung on certain hangers. But what about any of that would make me run away because it was a challenge? Yeah we do fight. But I still love them. Its what you do with the fight afterwards that makes or breaks your relationship.

I have been married now for 1 year and 5 months. And I’m not claiming to know everything or even anything at this point, but I love it. I love the man I chose to be with.

If you have a story about how you met your significant other please feel free to share! I’d love to hear them. (I have a soft spot for romance).


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